Organizational Structure


Executive Directorate

(Performs functions for the current management of the Association's operation, HR management and administrative and economic activities, analyzes and summarizes the work of the structural divisions of the Association)

Senior Vice President

Trade and International Cooperation Directorate

(Performs functions for the development of trade and economic cooperation with countries that are not EAEU member states, public organizations, and other participants in foreign economic activity for the entry of companies and organizations of the EAEU states into foreign markets)

Committee for the Development of Trade and Economic Partnership with MENA Countries

Central Asian Partnership Committee

Committee for Cooperation with China and BRICS Countries

Export Support and Coordination Committee of Foreign Trade Participants

Business Development Directorate

(Performs functions for the development and implementation of a harmonized policy in the field of entrepreneurship, the formation of favorable conditions for doing business within the EAEU, assists business entities in eliminating excessive administrative barriers)

Vice President of Communications

Marketing and PR Directorate

(Performs functions for the development, implementation, and control of the marketing plan strategy of the Association, contextual advertising campaigns)

Vice President of Investment and Banking Cooperation

Project Implementation Directorate

(Performs the functions of coordination and project management, investment activities)

Investment Activities and Interaction with the Banking Sector Directorate

Vice President of Legal Affairs

Legal Expertise Directorate

(Performs the functions of assessing the regulatory impact of drafts of regulatory legal acts of the EAEU member states, reviewing appeals on the functioning of the EAEU markets, as well as analyzing international legal practice)

Vice President for Youth Entrepreneurship

Directorate for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship

(Performs the functions of coordinating the development of youth entrepreneurship, including cooperation in the field of tourism and sports)

Vice President of Digital Economy

Directorate for the Development of the Digital Economy and Innovative Projects

(Performs functions to ensure the conditions, methods, and tools for the introduction of digital technologies in various sectors of the economy, contributes to the implementation of effective digital transformation of the EAEU business)

Vice President of Industrial Cooperation

Directorate for Industrial Cooperation and Infrastructure

(Performs the functions of coordinating cooperation in the field of industrial production, mechanical engineering, transport, energy and infrastructure)

Directorate for Cooperation in the field of agro-industrial complex and Technical Regulation

(Performs functions for the development of cooperation in the field of agriculture and technical regulation)

Vice President of Customs Cooperation

Directorate for Customs Cooperation and Transport Logistics

(Performs functions for cooperation with customs authorities, creation of favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in the field of transport and logistics services and foreign economic activity)

Vice President of Exhibition and Congress Activities

Directorate for Organization of Exhibition Projects

(Performs the functions of organizing and holding exhibition and fair events aimed at developing business cooperation within the EAEU)

Directorate for Organization of Congress activities

(Performs the functions of organizing and holding forums, round tables, conferences, and other events aimed at developing business cooperation within the EAEU)

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