Management Bodies

General Meeting of the Association members

The General Meeting of Members is the supreme governing body of the Eurasian Business Association. The competence of the General Meeting, including the issues of decision-making to determine priority areas of activity based on the recommendations of the advisory bodies of the association, the establishment of branches, representative offices and other legal entities. The General Meeting also determines the procedure for admission to the association, the plan of financial and economic activities and approves the annual report of the association.

When making decisions at the General Meeting, each member has one vote, regardless of the number of people representing this member of the association.


The President is the sole executive body of the Eurasian Business Association and is appointed by the General Meeting of the Association's members for a period of 5 years.

Its competence includes any issues of economic and other activities of the Association that are not within the competence of the General Meeting of Members of the Association and its Management Board.

The President manages the internal activities of the Association, makes decisions and issues orders on the activities of the Association, ensures admission to membership and exclusion from membership of the Association, forms and approves the advisory bodies of the Association, determines the quantitative composition of such bodies and their leaders.

Board of the Association

The permanent collegial executive body of the Association is the Management Board, which is accountable to the General Meeting of the Association members.

The General Meeting determines the quantitative and personal composition of the Association's Management Board, and also appoints the Chairman of the Management Board.

The Management Board is elected for a term of 5 years from among the representatives of the members of the Association and (or) the management of the Association.

The Management Board ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Meeting and its convocation, considers proposals and statements of the members of the Association, approves documents regulating the internal activities of the Association (except for documents adopted by the President in order to organize the activities of the Association).

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